Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm just kinda bored so...

Becki posted some of the videos she likes so I decided to do the same with a BABY theme. Don't worry this doesn't mean anything about Natali and I because if there is one sure birth control on the planet it is taking car of 4 crazy kids. But since we will be having 2 more babies in the family in a few months I thought I would get Tami and Kari excited to be mommies.

This one is a classic.

And you can't have funny baby videos without Charlie!

Ryne said he was going to adopt a black kid...

Kids talking healthy.

I saw this one for the first time the other day. It is great. I'm gonna start doing this every day.

This baby laughs just like Ryne.

And you can't forget about Justin Bieber. I'm sure Kirk will teach Rivers all the words to Justin Bieber ;)

Natali just got home and reminded me of this one too :)

And here is a French one too (don't worry there are subtitles)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OWeed Lemarchand

I'll start out with 2 stories. Ines, the 6 year old asked her father how to spell "Oui." He told her and she said thanks and walked away. Later I saw this board with outfits for everyone. There was an outfit for the whole family; Thomas, Christine, Audrey, Celmence, Ines, Julien, Natali, and yes, Ouide.

Here is a video of the youngest child, Julien saying my name.

When Julien gets in trouble his mother calls him by his full name, Julien Lemarchandm. The other day Julien wanted me so he kept yelling my name. Then after a while he yelled "OWeed Lemarchand."

Natali and I have been able to see some sights while we have been here. Last week Natali got a few days off and we got to go to see a few places in Normandy before Natali got sick for the weekend. First we went to a place called Honfleur. It was a very beautiful town by the ocean. We went there with Clemence and took some pictures and enjoyed the pretty scenery.

Then we went to Trouville and Deauville. It was nice to have Natali for a day and see some of the pretty countryside.

Then on Saturday and Monday we were able to go to Paris and check out the sites there. We went to Le Louvre on Saturday and the Eiffel Tower on Monday. Le Louvre was amazing. The building itself was enormous and was breathtaking. We didnt get to spend too much time there because it closed earlier then we thought. The time we spent there was amazing though. We liked the statues the best.

We didn't really see what the big deal was with the Mona Lisa but we had to go see it. Here it is. It is behind glass and well protected. The other paintings seemed just as great as this one but they didn't get protection like the Mona Lisa.

Here we are at the Eiffel Tower.

It is fun seeing the sites of France with my wonderful wife! These are the highlights of Natali's life. She works so hard during the week. Last week she worked really hard on the "Who's Who" book for the big convention the OECD is having. She probably put 16 hours a day in for at least 3 or 4 days. Then this week is the big convention so she is having to go to work at 8 AM. That means she has to catch the train from Evreux at 6:20. She is working really hard. We met with her internship director on Monday and he said that she shouldn't be working like that the whole time so she should be able to get a day off once a week to work on her homework (yes she is still a student and has homework to do after work) and more importantly hang out with me ;)

I went and got a haircut today and was able to converse a little bit with the person cutting my hair. Also just a side note I am officially addicted to 24. I am almsot finishing season 2 right now. I knew I was addicted when I started thinking things like "That's how Jack Bauer must have felt" or "David palmer was a great President." Although I am admitting my addiction i have not taken any steps to overcome it. Once I am done with season 8 I am willing to go get the necessary help.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Post TIme

Well Tami's post about ketchup... or catching up inspired me to do the same. I was looking through our pictures and saw that we didn't post about a lot of cool stuff that has happened the last few months.
Natali and I went to the Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple. It is an Indian celebration to commemorate the coming of spring. So here is what happens in a nutshell: Everyone gets lots of packets of paint, they start a countdown, then everyone throws the paint into the air and onto all those around you. Meanwhile there was a band that must have forgot all the other words to the songs they sang because they sang "Hari Krishna Hari Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hari Hari" over and over again. Anyway, Natali and I showed up just after they sold out of the packets so that was a bummer but it was still very interesting.

Then April came and we all know what that means... TUCANOS! Yep Natali once again spoiled me as an early birthday present and took me to Tucanos, BRazilian Grill. Man I love that place. Who wouldnt love rice, beans, farofa, vinegrete, and all you can eat meats? Anyway, It was great. Thanks baby!

Natali spoiled me on my birthday. I got breakfast in bed, good Aqua Di Gio cologne, and the last season to Prison Break. Natali alos let me choose a manly meal for my birthday dinner so we went out to Fuddruckers and got the 1 pound burgers. My parents got me some much needed contacts, and my in-laws got me some nice shirts. I had to take a picture of the shirt that Dan gave me. On the back it says "Eagar is on fire."
Then Natali Graduated!!! Well she won't be officially done until August when her internship is over but she got to walk. She graduated with a Major in Print jounalism and a minor in Political Science. Everyone seemed so happy to be out of school but Natali was sad to see it go. She loves learning and the college experience. Here are some of her academic acoomplishments (I'm gonna write them as far as I know and I might be little worng but Natali wouldn't let me post them if she knew). She has held a scholarship for all 4 years of her college degree and hasn't had to go a penny into debt to graduate. She has a GPA of 3.85. WHile maintaining this high GPA she has also held numerous jobs. The one she loves the most is being able to teach American Heritage. She taught for 2 full years and is an amazing teacher. This last year she was able to maintain her GPA while working 2 jobs (American Heritage and Newspaper Photographer), planning a wedding, and putting up with me trying to distract her ;) I probably left a lot off that I should have put on here because she has done soo much during her 4 years at BYU. Good job baby and I love you!
Natali's parents came for her graduation and it was really nice of them to come and support her.
After the graduation we went up to Salt Lake with Natali's parents and had a dinner and a movie with Dana and Jason. We watched Clash of the Titans in 3-D. It was a nice evening spent with great people. Thanks again Dan and Launa for everything.
Now we are here in France. Here are just a few little things that I didn't post. Thomas and his friends went karting and they invited me to go. We went in a group and got paired up into teams. The go-karts were actually pretty powerful and fast and really fun to drive. We trained for about an hour and then had a 40 minute race. Natali was a good sport and went and watched me tear up the racetrack in my sweet racing suit.
While I was in Brasil I bought a hammock that I haven't really been able to hang up since I have been home. I got really excited to come to France when I learned that the family has a yard with trees big enough to hang a hammock from. Here it is. This is the greatest thing on a nice day to sit back and relax in my hammock. The kids really love it too!

And last but not least, I have learned a new sweet skill that I have. Here is a video to prove my awesomeness (even though no prrof is really needed because it is just accepted as a fact;)

(The white stuff is whipping cream)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday May 8, 2010

Natali finished her first week at the OECD and was REALLY ready for the weekend to come. Well on Saturday we had a nice little trip to Paris. Pictures really are way better than words so I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

We woke up in the morning and went to a bakery in Evreux and just got what looked good. In France food is al about presentation so it all looked good. They even put the baked goods in a cute little box with a ribbon around it... anyway we decided on a strawberry eclair, a chocolate eclair, and a pain au chocolat. MMMMMM!! So good.

Then we went to Paris. I was able to drive there which might sound easy but for anyone who has been to Paris and driven there it is crazy. The trip there wasn't bad but in Paris is a whole different world. So many times I was thinking, "Where are the lines?" but you just go and watch out for other cars. And don't get me started on most of the round-abouts... well we lived and that was great. We parked and walked around a litle bit and took some pictures of some of the sites.

Some building, looked cool, took a picture. Below it is me with Clemence trying to give me bunny ears.

Then Thomas, Clemence, Natali and I walked around Paris for a while before Clemence had to go to Dance class.

While walking we found an old man with an umbrella and a cat playing music on the street. Pretty interesting, enough to take a picture AND put it on our blog.

After dropping off Clemence we walked up a huge set of stairs to the Sacre Coeur. Natali says it is one of the most famous Cathedrals in Paris... and she is usually right so I'll believe her. It was huge and in front there were a bunch of people just singing in front of it for the tourists.Lots of people were sitting below it jsut enjoying the nicer weather. Notice I say nicer because it has been really chilly since we have been here. We were hoping to get out of the cold but it followed us. Saturday was a nicer day luckily.

Then we went and saw the little tourist stands. Lots of paintings and drawings and a bunch of other stuff you can buy if you have a lot of money. We didn't buy anything :( Natali liked these bright paintings the best. They were pretty cool with all of the bright colors.
We saw some very pretty places including this little restaurant outside under some vines with purple flowers on them.
Another nice little place on the side of the street. Natali loves this kind of stuff. She was just beaming the whole day. It was exactly what she needed on her day off.Here we are overlooking the city of Paris. The Eiffel Tower was out of view and we weren't able to see it on Saturday but some other day we will go and take pics so look forward to that!

And Just how the day started with food it ended with food. The branch that we go to had a branch crepe party. The church is in a town called Mantes la Jolie that is about 30 minutes away from Evreux on the way to Paris. So Thomas dropped us off on the way back home and the after we took the train home. The branch is small but really nice. There were lots of good crepes, my favorite is definately the Nutella though ;)

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Well we are here and it's been a whole week. As most of you know Natali got an internship in Paris at the OECD. While she is there I am just kinda chilling at the house and helping the family with whatever I can. It's been great besides the fact that most the time I feel like I am in my first transfer on my mission again. There is a lot of head nodding and saying "oui" without having any idea of what people are saying. It is fun to roam around the little city of Evreux. It's actually pretty big compared to Eagar. I just go walking around and run my errands and stuff. I have learned a few things since I have been here. Quick story: I went to the store and learned that French grocery stores do not give you bags to put your stuff in. It is BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag). I went not knowing this, bought some stuff and had to walk the 8 blocks or so home holding all the stuff in my arms like an idiot. I learn fast though ;).
We'll keep you updated on anything else interesting that is going on here on the other side of the world.

Here I am in front of the Arc de Something (Not Triomphe)!

Natali and I in front of the OECD.

Au revoir.