Friday, March 5, 2010

A list blog. I love lists. Lists make me happy, speaking of happy...

10 things that make Reed happy (By Natali)
1. Clean houses—that weren’t cleaned by him
2. Sunday back tickles...But only as long as it doesn't actually "tickle", being tickled is not happy-making for Reed
3. Making people laugh
4. Sports—all things sportish

5. Being asked for advice
6. Religious books---especially about Joseph Smith (and with this category, I’m going to just include all things Gospel-related because that really makes him happy but could fill up all ten spots)
7. Eating all the cereal out of his Lucky Charms first and then eating all the marshmallows
8. The successes of others, especially his family. Reed rejoices in the happiness of others.
9. Sweets: ice cream, cookies, brownies, soda etc.
10. Playing games with his family

10 things that make Natali happy. And when Natali is happy, she is really happy! (by Reed)
1. France. Anything and everything about it. She daydreams about France all the time. As most of you know she was a nanny over there for a summer and she can't wait to be back there. Hopefully everything works out this summer for us to go back!

2. Flowers. Natali loves nice, pretty flowers on the kitchen table. Sorry we can't afford them more baby :(
3. Romance movies, romantic stories, just anything romantic.
4. Her Country. Natali is very passionate about her country. She teaches American heritage and loves teaching about the divine help this Nation has received through the years.
5. Making a difference for the better. She does this through American Heritage and anything else she can around BYU. She has high goals on things that she would like to see changed in the world and hopes to do this on a bigger scale in the future.
6. Warm weather! Yeah, what the heck is she doing in Utah?
7. Massages, especially foot massages.
8. Music. Nothing can affect Natali's emotions like music.
9. Dancing. This could go with music but it deserves a number all of its own. I've never seen someone dance with so much passion and she is great!

10. Food!!! I call Natali food high maitanence. She loves food. Today we got shrimp tacos from del taco and her whole day brightened. What does not make her happy is when her favorite menu item suddenly gets taken off the menu (and this has happened more than you would think!). Natali would eat out every meal if we could... but we can't so she is stuck with my baked potatoes and bbq chicken :)