Monday, October 24, 2011

Two Year Anniversary

Today is Reed and my 2 year anniversary! We didn't do much because we had school but I think Reed has some adventure up his sleeve for this weekend. He did make me a lovely breakfast and then I made him a kinda fancy romantic dinner of salmon, potatoes, asparagus and a chocolate fondue dessert. Anyways, in honor of our anniversary I wanted to post a couple wedding/bridal shots to reminisce and this darling poem Reed wrote about our first date (he wrote it right before we got engaged). I will treasure this poem forever. Reed writes great poems.
First Date

There comes a time in a man’s life
The moment he tries to find his wife
But every story must have a start
A time or place where a girl steals his heart

This story begins with me sitting in class
Professor Holland had a question to ask.
So he called his TA’s to go help him out
And carry around mikes so we didn’t have to shout.

The girl that stood up really caught my eye.
Fifteen minutes I stared at her, I cant lie.
During that time I didn’t hear a word
But I told my buddy, “I’m gonna go out with her!”

Three weeks went by without any luck
To get her alone so that we could talk.
So finally I said “Today’s the day!”

I knew exactly what I would say.

So after class I finally manned up
And followed her out like a little scared pup.
I went up to her right then and there
And blurted out, “I love your long hair.”

I found out her name so I went online.
If she would accept my friend request, that would be a sign.
I also looked up when she taught in the lab.
Yes, I’m a stalker. Is that bad?

So I’d go and get help from that hottie TA
Madison and Marbury.. now who were they?
But I still didn’t have the guts to ask her out
Would she say yes? I had my doubts.

She speaks French so I translated a phrase
And carried it in my pocket for days and days
So finally I gave it to her in a rush
My face turned red and I started to blush.
 She wrote me some French that I couldn’t read.
The ten numbers on bottom were all I would need.
So I called her that night and I set up a date.
Saturday November 22nd, I just couldn’t wait.

I thought and I thought of what we could do
Something fun and exciting but romantic too.
So I called and talked to my family and friends
To get ideas and updates on the latest dating trends.

The big night arrived and I went to her door
I can still remember the shirt that she wore.
We went to Bajio to get something to eat.
What happened next is embarrassing to me.

We got our food and we both sat down
She grabbed her fork and started to chow.
I stopped her right before the food reached her face
I said, “Excuse me, do you think we can pray?”

Somehow she continued that very first date
So we went to watch hockey and that started late.
I taught her Zambonni and she was impressed.
Who won the game? I couldn’t care less.

Then we went to Color me Mine
To paint some pottery and have a good time.
She painted my cup and I painted hers.
Red, black, blue, and green: she loves those colors.

Then back to her house with starbursts in hand.
Who can unwrap one first? She says she can.
She got a phone call and talked in French
While I ate popcorn and sat on the bench.

Downstairs we went to play the Wii.
Beating a girl in Nintendo, how hard could that be?
Bowling, boxing, Tennis, Baseball.
You name the game, she won them all.

Then we decided to go old school
At Super Mario I looked like a fool.
She knew all the secrets cuz she played a lot.
Beating the castle she was soo hott.

A few other games and then Bubble Bop.
We were addicted and just couldn’t stop.
Finally we ended at a quarter past three
It was the greatest first date ever, if you ask me.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


So I have finally finished interviewing for 2012 summer associate positions. It has been crazy. For the past month and a half I have spent almost every Thursday and Friday flying around for interviews. Since my first interviews were in the summer time, Reed and I decided to make a vacation out of my week of interviewing in Dallas. So here are some pictures of our time in Dallas. Oh and BTW, after spending much time considering our different options we have decided to spend the first half of next summer in Palo Alto and the second half in Dallas so that I can compare my two top firms and we can both compare the different areas etc. Reed might actually spend the bulk of the summer in Palo Alto and I will go to Dallas alone if he gets an internship that wants him for longer than 7 weeks. We are really excited about the opportunity to discover both areas. I have been so blessed to get offers from the firms I did, all of them were really great firms and it was a hard choice. But I'm extremely grateful that it was a choice I had to make since it's so difficult to get any job offers in this economy.

Dallas- I wish I had gotten better photos of the city and especially of the freeway system in Dallas because it's seriously like a spider web but supposedly it works really well at keeping traffic quite minimal for a big city.

Dallas Arboretum- We loved walking through these incredible botannical gardens in Dallas. It was pretty hot while we were there (it was during the time when Dallas was setting a record for the most consecutive days over 100) but we went a little earlier in the morning so it was not too bad. Inside of the arboretum there are a bunch of little houses/huts etc to show the story of some of the history of Dallas.

We also braved the heat to go to Six Flags in Dallas. We didn't like it as much as Six Flags Magic Mountain, particularly because it was SOO hot (which is why we went on a water ride almost immediately and got soaked) and also cause it's a lot older so some of the rides gave us a bit of a headache. We felt like old people when we were ready to leave after just 3 hours :)...we held out a little longer and managed to stay for about 4.5 hours but we were EXHAUSTED when we finally left.