Sunday, March 22, 2015


Well Natali and I moved to Dallas! Oh wait, this is old news to everyone?!? Well not for people that only read our blog and have no other contact with us. Those people probably think we are still in limbo somewhere between Europe and and starting our new lives after college. If you have talked to us (Lucky!) or follow Natali on Facebook or Instagram you may want to tune out because this is all going to be old news. In fact, the next several posts are going to be catching up so there will be a lot of old news and pictures.

So Natali came straight from Europe to Dallas and got everything moved in to our apartment (well she ordered the movers where to put everything) while I flew back to St. George and drove the car to Dallas. The apartment is great, with floor to ceiling windows, 12th floor, with great views of downtown.

Natali had to go into work shortly after getting there while I tried to get the rest of our stuff out of boxes and organized. And yes, I am crazy for letting my wife go out looking so good!

So we finally got situated and I was able to start looking for a job. Within about a week I had several interviews lined up and I had a couple of job offers shortly after. I started work at Campbell & Associates Consulting Engineers on November 1 and love the place and the people I work with.

So for now Natali and I are enjoying living in our Uptown apartment. It is very different than living in Eagar, or Provo, or anywhere else we have ever lived.  We found a great place to get breakfast tacos (if you've never had breakfast tacos, book a trip to Dallas and we will enlighten your taste buds) right next door. There are hundreds of other amazing restaurants. We try a new one just about every week and love being able to get great food of every variety. We have a guest bedroom so if any of you are ever in the area, let us know!