Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blog Makeover

I really want to be able to post larger and better quality photos  and maybe even put them side by side...if that's what the below pictures end up looking like then you know I succeeded! So ya... I'm experimenting. If our blog disappears...well that will be sad. Hopefully that doesn't happen. are some darling picture I just took of my new nephew. So cute.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Springtime in Provo

Well school's out and spring is finally here! It actually has stopped snowing in Provo and we are starting to see a little sunshine. Reed and I are loving the break. Especially now that work has started for's just enough to keep me from going crazy but it's nice that when I leave work, I can actually be home and hang out with Reed instead of just coming home to do more homework.

I am working at Heideman, McKay, Heugly & Olsen. They are a Utah firm with offices spread around Utah but I'm here in their Provo office. I LOVE my job. I mostly work with Sonny Olsen and he is awesome. I really like that they trust me with substantive work and they don't hover over my shoulder. They just give me an assignment and let me do it my own way. It's so nice...I really don't like being bossed around and I like to be trusted with important work so this place has been a wonderful match for me. I am working on a defense case for someone charged with tax evasion, a class action tort case, and a property ownership dispute. All of my assignments have been extremely interesting and challenging.

Reed is working as a TA at the school but he doesn't work very many hours so in the meantime he has been doing this (he let me help a little as you can see--as you can also see he was not happy about me taking pictures of this):

Planting us a garden!! Yay! I am really excited to have fresh veggies like tomatoes and cucumbers so here's to hoping Reed's garden grows!

We also had a nice experience yesterday going to the Carl Bloch exhibit with my sister Dana and her husband Jason. The paintings were beautiful but we weren't allowed to take pictures in there.

Other Happenings:
Reed had a Birthday! Unfortunately it was during finals week so he did not get as much attention as I would have liked to give him but I think it was still a success. He got 3 pairs of new shoes, and a custom made "Chef BoyarReed" man-apron for when he cooks :-). Okay yes he got a store bought last home-made cake did not turn out well haha...I can cook but I seriously cannot bake. Maybe cause I don't like sweets so I never really got much practice. I made him dinner the night of his birthday but then on the weekend took him to Tucanos for his traditional Brazillian birthday meal.

My little brother moved home :-(. We miss him already. Especially at meal times cause he eats a ton and he is always VERY complimentary of the cook. He lived with us for this whole school year but now is back in St. George for the next 3 weeks before he leaves to Arkansas on his mission. We are very happy we got to have him with us for a little while.
We also went to Reed's mission reunion a little while ago. It was very long and boring for me and I didn't understand anything anyone was saying haha but I'm glad Reed got to see his friends and mission President again.
I also had my big hip hop performance right before finals in April. I really don't have time to be in the hip hop club but I do it anyways because it keeps me sane. I figure I need to allow myself at least that 1.5 hours per week to do something active that I love....Here is a pic of me with a couple friends after the big showcase. If you have nothing to do for about an hour, you can watch the showcase here: --I'm in about 6 dances spread around throughout the showcase.

Well...we are a little sad that we won't be posting about amazing adventures in Europe this summer but we are excited to relax a bit and explore our own home. Reed has an interview coming up for an engineering internship too so hopefully that works out for him. I will be working at this firm for the next 6 weeks and then I'm going to be working at the US Attorney's Office in Salt Lake in the violent crimes division! So this should be a very interesting/educational summer.