Sunday, June 23, 2013


Well we are way behind (as usual) so I'm just going to start tackling one post at a time. Soo...Here we go.... After graduation, but before I started studying for the bar, Reed and I decided to take a quick trip to the happiest place on Earth.

We had one unfortunate hiccup in our trip because we were cheapskates and booked a cheap hotel. The room smelled bad and somewhat resembled a prison cell, the beds were hard and people were talking outside our hotel room all night. So needless to say, I got no sleep. The next morning we knew we needed to change hotels so we had to pay a fee and then pay the increased costs for a new hotel. We definitely ended up spending more than we would have had we just paid for the nicer hotel in the first place. Moral of the story is...when you try to be a cheapskate, you end up paying more to fix the problem than you would have had you just paid more originally (this is not the first time this has happened to us but hopefully we have finally learned from our mistake).

After this hotel situation was taken care of, however, the rest of our trip was smooth sailing and Disneyland made us forget all about our rocky start :-).

First off you'll see the Courthouse I REALLY wish I could practice at with my new law degree :-). Next is the old office manager lady from Monster's Inc. It was funny/creepy when I was taking this picture at the end of the ride and she said "Young lady in the third row, make sure to get my good side" Haha (yes I was sitting in the third row). Was it just coincidence or was someone controlling her and watching me? I guess we will never know. Next up are pictures of Reed and I just hanging out in Toontown and Reed doing his signature pose in front of Buzz Lightyear (He didn't look this happy after the ride...more on that to come).

It was really fun to visit the new Cars Land while we were there. The lines for all the rides were ridiculously long though (well like 60-70 minutes...some people don't think that is too long). But we did get to go twice on Radiator Racers, the most popular ride, and it was a blast (ride pictured below without us and then a pic of us in the car). They have a "single rider" line that is a much shorter wait so we figured we would just sit apart so we could at least go on the ride. But then through a strange turn of events we ended up sitting right next to each other! So we waited less than half the amount of time and still got to sit together! We thought that was a pretty great deal. The second time we got split up but it was actually really fun because we ended up being in the two cars that race each other at the end of the ride (my car won! Woo!). They switch up which car wins each time so you never know who is going to win. It's really fun.

After our first day at Disneyland we wanted to go out for some Middle Eastern food because it's so hard to find in Utah and they have fantastic Middle Eastern places in California. We found this little hole-in-the-wall-esque place and it was FANTASTIC. They started us out with some really delicious complimentary soup, olives, and pickled beats. Then we ordered Hummus, Labneh and lamb shanks that came with the most incredible Tatzika I have ever tasted (lamb shanks and Tatziki not pictured). If you have never tried Middle Eastern food, I highly recommend it.
These next two pictures are on my all-time favorite kids ride: The Little Mermaid. It's fairly new and is in California Adventure. Really, it is so awesome. They try to create the illusion that the whole ride is under water by having everything floating (even Ariel's hair looks like it is floating around her head). The colors are SO beautiful. Disney is really stepping it up on their kid rides :-).

As usual, Reed and I wore ponchos on the Grizzly Rapids ride. People are always like "Why didn't I think of that?!" But I think it kind of embarrasses Reed haha.
Traditional Splash Mountain Picture: (Splash Mountain is my favorite "big kids" ride with Tower of Terror coming in a close second).
We read really great things about this Southern/New Orleans restaurant in Disneyland so we decided to try it out. Their famous sandwich is called a Monte was pricey but yummy and extremely unique. It was basically and grilled ham and cheese sandwich inside a donut (beignet) and they serve it with like a jam dipping sauce haha. Ya it sounds so weird but it was really good! I could only handle like a fourth of it though because it was so rich and I'm no super into the sweet&salty thing but Reed loved it.
And here we are waiting for It's a Small World. Disney did a complete redesign of It's A Small World and it is really incredible. They take you through the most colorful elaborate displays representing each country around the world (they even have flying carpets in the Middle Eastern area) and they have random Disney characters hidden throughout the whole ride. It's now one of my favorite kids rides as well (it was really bright and I was too lazy to get my sunglasses out of the bag so that's why I'm squinting so bad).

So I don't know how many of you are familiar with the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disneyland? Basically it's like an arcade game where you have a little gun and you shoot at targets throughout the ride and then you get a score at the end. Reed and I went on the ride last time and I seriously killed him in points so he insisted on a rematch this time and of course I creamed him again AND again (he wanted another rematch haha). I'm not even exaggerating. You can ask Reed...I more than doubled his score every time haha. We didn't bet anything except bragging rights so I'm making full use of those hard-earned rights right now :-).

Of course what is a Disney vacation without a Turkey leg?! So obviously we had to devour one before we went to the incredible World of Color water show (we posted a video last year). Unfortunately we didn't take pictures of the water show...Reed took some videos but the ones from last year are better anyways cause our seats were a little better last time.
As always, Disneyland was amazing. I just love everything about it and I'm not afraid to admit it :-). Just writing this post makes me want to go back!