Monday, November 15, 2010

A little post about my crazy life!

Well I just realized the other day that I needed to write about a few things going on in my life right now. Life has been pretty crazy lately. I thought this last week was going to kill me: I had 4 tests, I had a 15 page lab report due, I started my second job as a basketball referee, we started on our balsa wood tower design, and I was able to do something else to keep me sain...

My freshmen year at good ole DT I put together an ultimate frisbee team with a bunch of guys from my ward. 5 years later we are still playing ultimate frisbee. This year we got put in the best division for the trournament and took third place out of 120+ teams! Pretty cool. The team captain this year even started a website and rented a video camera for a few games and made this video:

If anyone was wondering, it was me who made the second pass the last catch! Ya, pretty good huh? Well the season was great and if you want to see more videos or you just get really bored check out our team's blog here! You can watch some of our games on youtube also. Mom and Dad were able to catch one of our games when they came up and I was glad they were able to watch.

Our dream season ended this year last saturday as we fell to the Shaugiman. It was okay because I was able to come home to an amazing lunch that Natali had made from some halibut we got from Aunt Nan and Uncle Denney. MMMMMM. It was good. She made it in the oven with parmesan and green onions and other goodness on it. If you want the recipe, its a good one. Natali is pretty amazing. She studies 11+ hours a day and still has time to do hip-hop and cook me some good meals. She is really stressed right now about finals in a few weeks so for everyone going home for Thanksgiving, you might not see too much of Natali because she will be studying a lot during the "break" to get ready for finals.

Anyway, I better get back to grading some papers and doing some homework!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why I love the holiday season

I just love the holiday season. And I am SO excited for it this year. Reed won't let me set up our Christmas tree yet but I am still rebelling and listening to Christmas music and lighting Christmas candles :-D.
Few things I love about the Holidays:
1. Great food!
2. Music everywhere (and who doesn't love Christmas music?!)
3. Beautiful colored lights
4. Christmas scents
5. Wearing Turtle necks
6. Christmas shopping
7. Family time
8. Romance (seriously nothing is more romantic than listening to Christmas music, drinking hot chocolate and looking at Christmas lights)
9. Christmas stories!
10. My new most favorite part of the holiday seasons is how hott my husband looks in sweaters.