Sunday, November 20, 2011

The things I do for a T-shirt

Year one: The Fresh
I thought it would be fun to throw an ultimate Frisbee team together my freshman year so I got a bunch of guys that lived in the dorms with me to play.
Result: Championship game, 2nd place finish... no t-shirt :`(

Year two: The Fresh Reunion Tour
We got the guys that were back from their missions and put together another team. We were missing some key players but picked up a few others.
Result: Semi-finals, 4th place finish... no t-shirt :`(

Year three: The Fresh Elite
We put the team together with some additions and had a great season.
Result: Championship game, Heartbreaking loss, 2nd place finish... no t-shirt :`(

Year four: The Fresh Elite
Last year we had an awesome team, even had matching t-shirts for games, and have a sweet highlight video of the season.
Result: Semi-finals, 3rd place finish... no t-shirt :`(

Year five: The Fresh Elite
This will be most of the team's last year so we made the most of it.
Result: Championship game, 1st place finish... Sweet t-shirt!!!

This T-shirt has eluded us for over 6 years and we finally got it, so when you see me wearing it way too much, you'll know why.

Some of my best friends at BYU are because of this team. It is sad that it might be over. Some of the team (including me) will be around one more year but we will have to appeal the NCAA for a 6th year of eligibility... If granted, I will be posting next year about our repeat.
Here I am sporting my sweet shirt. I'll bring it home for Thanksgiving so many of you can see it in person.

And here is a highlight video of last year's team.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Seven + 1

So my wife is an amazingly busy person. She studies so hard at the law school and does really well with that. On top of studying she is a Teaching Assistance for a writing class, she spends hours every week doing assignments for law review, and she even has time for this:

Yeah, I know, it is really impressive. Natali was in a crew called Seven+1 for BYU's Best Dance Show held in the Wilk tonight. They were the best crew there. She spent hours every night for the last couple weeks with the crew making this perfect. She is really talented and loves dancing and I am really proud of her for everything she has been able to do and still keep me under control. Oh and just a side note, the very first part with the feet is something I have never seen before. Dancers have done tutting with their hands for a long time but I have never seen people do it with their feet. It was Natali's idea. Pretty amazing!