Saturday, December 5, 2009


Well It has been a while since our last post. Things have been crazy with both Natali and I working 2 jobs, school, and finals coming up. But for Thanksgiving break Natali and I went on our HONEYMOON!!! So this is going to be more of a picture book blog because Pictures do a way better job describing anything than I can.

So We went on a Cruise on the Crown Princess. Here is our ship. We left Saturday Nov 21 and we came back Nov 28.

Day 1-2: At Sea
We got upgraded from an obstructed view to a room with a balcony! That was nice. I enjoyed sitting out on the Balcony and listening to the ocean and eating or just getting some fresh air right there by our room. The first night we had Lobster claws and shrimp at the buffet and I definately took advantage of that!

Day 3: Cayman Islands
We went and took a twenty minute boat ride to a sandbar where we swam with stingrays! Natali was crazy. She was chasing them and diving for them trying to touch and pet them! They were just swimming all over. The water was an amazing blue color.

After swimming with the stingrays we went to a reef to do some scuba diving. Here we are in our stylish scuba gear.

Day 3: Roatan Honduras
This was probably our favorite place. There were less tourist things there and more culture. It was a beautiful island with mountains and lots of little shops ran by the locals.
We went to the Beautiful Botanical Gardens. It was a place with a bunch of trails and beautiful trees and flowers. There was a trail to the top of the mountain but we didn't have time to go up to the top. It was a beautiful place though.

After walking around the gardens we went and played with some Monkeys!!! This was so much fun. There was a cage with about 6 monkeys. They would just climb all over you and swing from one arm to the other. The first thing they would do though is go through your back pockets, as you can see in the picture. The people were giving them Pepsi and fruit loops. No way that would happen here in the US with animal rights. It was great though.

Here are some other monkeys that we fed a banana to them. There were two big monkeys and a baby attached to the mom monkeys back.

Day 4: Cozemel Mexico
Here we were waiting for the taxi to take us around the island and it started POURING. It rained all day.

We went and saw some of the Mayan ruins. They weren't the big ones because that was an hour boat ride, then an hour bus ride, and the weather just wasn't good so we didn't do that. These ruins were pretty cool still

Cozemel was probably our favorite place to take pictures but it was probably the most touristy of all the places we went. Beautiful place though.

Day 5: At sea
We just hung out, watched some movies, and then that night Natali di the Princess Popstar competition. She made it to the finals and got to perform the last night of the cruise. She was great. She would have won but there was a guy that sang that put on a comedy show pretty much so he got the crowd vote. It was fun to watch her though.

Day 6: Princess Keys... Not
Well that is where we were supposed to go but it was too windy and rainy to go to the island so we just set sail for Fort Lauderdale. We just enjoyed the ship, going to the hot tub and watching movies on the big screen.

Day 7: Fort Lauderdale and Home
Well overall we had a really good time. Thanks so much to Dad and Mom for making it possible ofr us to go. It was so so so nice to get away from school for a break and just relax. The Caribean was great besides the two days of rain.

Now it's back to school and preparing for finals!