Sunday, July 10, 2011

What does one's face look like when falling off a cliff?

My parents came to town a little while ago so we had a fun little picnic and then went up to squaw peak. It was a beautiful day and we got some great photos.

We started off with hot wings (our favorite food) and potato salad made by Reed and then had some Watermelon. Reed put together everything for the picnic, he is quite the cook!

I asked Reed to take some "candid" shots but he doesn't think a shot is candid unless I'm making a funny face so I should have predicted the result of that request...

Well if I have a goofy picture on here, I thought it was only appropriate...  

Here are my beautiful parents and a random photo of Reed talking about the bridge with my dad (engineers are obsessed with bridges)...
 Up next, once at Squaw Peak we decided to take some pictures.

We then decided to try and make it look like we were falling off a cliff, but I find our faces a little unconvincing...What does one's face look like when falling off a cliff?  

Maybe it's like THIS:
OR maybe it's like THIS?:

Rrr..Uh maybe more like this?
No I'm going to have to say if two people are falling off a cliff, their faces would definitely look like this:

Wow, we have some great actors/actresses in this family.