Saturday, April 24, 2010

Great News about France

I'm just so excited about this I had to share it! Reed and I have just been given a grant which will cover our plane tickets entirely plus some extra! WAHOO!! This is really big news because we already had a scholarship covering my tuition...then the OECD said they will pay me enough to cover all my train transportation to Paris AND we do not have to pay for rent or food. So basically, the only the we will be paying for over there is anything we WANT to pay for. We are so excited and we feel really grateful to know the Lord is looking out for us. Money was really our biggest concern about going to Paris but now everything has worked out for the best, it's even cheaper than living in Provo! :-). We are getting all packed up now and almost ready to go! Our next post will be from Paris! A bientot tout le monde!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Life changing discovery

Now why on Earth am I taking time out of my super busy finals week to blog about tortillas? They are THAT good. No seriously. Who even knew tortillas could taste like this? I have compared them to Cafe Rio and Rancheritos but frankly I think they are even better. You can find them at Costco. They are not pre-cooked but it really only takes a matter of seconds to cook them. My brother taught me the key to cooking them JUST right: impatience. Yes, that's right. Turn the heat on way high, let the pan heat a little and then, no matter what your premonitions tell you, flip the tortilla every 5 seconds (or 3 even) until it gets a couple dark brown spots on it. Pull it off the pan and enjoy. Oh Tortilla Land company, you are inspired. I know people always say that things are like the best invention since sliced bread...but these tortillas really are. In fact, you probably won't be eating anymore sliced bread at your house once you give these a try. Well, I would go on about this but I can't...I just can't keep talking about these tortillas, it's killing me, I need to go make another.

P.S. you can find them at Costco for sure...but I also heard they are sometimes available at Walmart

Monday, April 5, 2010

Soooo Excited!!!!

I'm so excited, for so many things right now. And the least of which is the fact that I'm finishing my last semester of my undergrad in like a week. I'm really dying to go to France with Reed. We leave in 23 days! AHHH! And I just can't contain my excitement so I had to write a quick blog about it. In fact, I'm so excited, I'm about to burst into another list blog. Oh boy.

I'm sooo excited to...
  1. See the eiffel tower sparkle at night in my husband's arms
  2. Jog to the local boulangerie in the morning for baguettes and pain du chocolat
  3. Hear and speak the world's most beautiful language for 3 months!
  4. See Christine, Thomas, Audrey, Clemence, Ines and Julien!
  5. Eat cheese! (And watch Reed's face when he smells french cheeses for the first time haha)
  6. Show my parents around Paris and prove to my dad that the french are not snobs and France really is as romantic as people think
  7. Walk down the cobblestone roads with my nose in a book like Belle
  8. See Reed have to wear a speedo and swim cap to the pool ;-)! (the french are paranoid about germs and think that's the best way to prevent them in public pools)
  9. Work at the biggest global economics organization in the world
  10. Ride bikes around Barcelona
Okay...I could go on forever but I won't. The point is, I can't wipe this darn smile off my face and I can't focus on any of my schoolwork because I can't stop thinking about France! Wahoo!!