Monday, October 24, 2016

Puerto Rico with the Wysons, our new home, and the 4th of July!

 In June 2015 we traveled with the whole Wyson clan to Puerto Rico for a family vacation. We had a whole little villa to ourselves right on the beach. The trip was filled with snorkeling, swimming, boogie boarding, site seeing, hiking in caves, and just hanging out.

The beach was just awesome.

 Everyone enjoyed site-seeing all around the island.


We all went down into the Rio Camuy Caves. The whole area was pretty amazing.

You can't go to a tropical island without going to see some waterfalls. We even did some swimming and a rope swing at the base of one waterfall. 

And here is a video of the highlights of the whole trip I put together.

Wyson Family Vacation 2015 - Puerto Rico from Reed Crosby on Vimeo.

The Monday after we got back from Puerto Rico, Natali was having some abdominal pains. She really didn't want to go into the hospital, but finally at 8:00 PM I convinced her to go. It was lucky we did, as her appendix was close to bursting. She was in surgery the next morning, and by about 8:00 AM the next day she was appendix-less.

Soon after we were scheduled to finally move into our new home. So we packed up the apartment (well mostly me as Natali was under strict orders from the Dr. not to lift anything) and said goodbye.

Natali was sad to say goodbye to her beautiful view of the city

But leaving the apartment meant a new beginning in a new home. Here is the first piece of furniture we put in the house.

One of our first purchases was a grill, and it just so happened that we moved into the house just in time for the 4th of July. Perfect timing to break in the new house with some grilling on the 4th of July.

And Natali had some fun (virgin) Margaritas too.

Here was the prep work before the grilling. In order to enjoy the outdoors, the mosquitos must be exterminated. Meet Reed, the mosquito exterminator, in the midst of the death fog.

It sure was nice being able to enjoy our very own backyard.

Then for the evening of the 4th of July we went to Lone Star Park and watched some horse races and fireworks. 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Spring 2015

Around springtime each year, Natali gets an itch to go to Disneyland. We decided to change it up and try something new and go to Harry Potter World. We headed to Orlando so that we could head to Hogwarts and experience the magical wizarding world. 

We arrived in Orlando to some rain.

Luckily the rain didn't last long. We spent some time out by the pool eating some nachos, drinking some pina coladas, and getting some sun. 

Then it was on to Harry Potter world, including the Hogwarts Castle. 

You can't go to Harry Potter World without drinking some Butterbeer.

All aboard the Hogwarts Express!!!

And of course Gringott's Bank and the dragon. 

Natali was really trying to get into the Ministry of Magic, luckily she didn't or else I would have never gotten her to leave. 

Here are some of the other things at Universal Studios besides Harry Potter World.

Then on March 31, 2015, Natali and I bought a house! We were going to open houses on our own for quite a while. We decided to get more serious about looking so we contacted our good friend Everett Shell who is a realtor in Dallas (and helped us find our apartment here too). Two days after talking to him an amazing house came on the market in the area that we were looking. We put an offer down and the rest is history. Everett was great throughout the whole process, so if you are looking for a house in the Dallas area, definitely talk to Everett.

Here we are signing the final paperwork!

And here is our new home! We set it up so that we would stay in our apartment until June, so we had to wait a while before moving in.

We were glad that we got to stay in our apartment for a little longer. We loved our view. 

One perk to living in Dallas is they have great hamburger joints. When visitors come, this is one of our favorite places to go, Twisted Root.

We had been hearing from everyone about the Blue Bonnets here in Texas. Everyone told us that we had to go see them and that they were beautiful. So we took a drive one weekend to see these blue bonnets, and they were in fact very beautiful. 

In certain places in Texas, there are just hills and hills of these flowers. There is a route you can take that lets you see a lot of them on all sides of the road.

Who doesn't just want to do a heel click in the middle of a field of flowers?

And there are some other flowers sprinkled in sometimes too.

The thing we miss most about living in the apartment is the Dallas thunderstorms. Being up high, with large windows on two sides makes for some amazing lightning shows.

Here is one of my favorite pictures we have ever taken.