Thursday, December 14, 2017

A little Dallas and a Lot of Crosbys

Cowboy Life

Well, after getting a cowboy hat and some cowboy boots and a cowboy belt buckle, I needed an opportunity to wear them. Luckily, Natali's law firm had an event out in Fort Worth when we went to the world's largest honky tonk, Billy Bobs. If you've never heard of or been to Billy Bobs, it is a huge dance hall with all kinds of events, concerts, and other things to do. So we went and got our square dance on, watched a little rodeo, and then went to the concert. 

In between we found some time to go take some pictures. Here is take 1. Natali kicked up her leg and hit me in the back of the head...

Take 2 turned out a little better (depending on who you ask I guess...)

Crosby-Johnson Reunion

Around the 4th of July weekend we held the Crosby-Johnson reunion out at Milligan Valley. It was great to get together and see everyone. Natali wasn't able to go but we had most of the clan there. 


A reunion isn't complete without all sorts of games. The biggest event was a huge horseshoe tournament. Everyone had a chance to take home all the bragging rights...

Even the little kids wanted a shot at the trophy...

Here is one of the two horseshoe tournament posters...

And the winner is.... Bret!!! He was pretty excited, if you couldn't tell

The other staple to a Crosby Reunion is the Hearts Tournament. We all gave a valiant effort, but somehow Uncle Dave came away with the victory.

There were all kinds of games, even for the kids. There was volleyball, 3-legged races, potato sack races, and red rover. Kids and adults alike enjoyed the 4-wheelers and Razors. 


And what is a family reunion without food? It seems like we ate, and ate, and ate. Everything was soo good, and everyone took a turn preparing food for everyone else. We all enjoyed preparing the meals about as much as we all enjoyed eating the food. 

Talent Show

We also put together a talent show where everyone got involved. Bret MC'ed for it and then we all got to enjoy everyones talents. 

Grandma and Grandpa got a picture with all of their grandkids!

And here is the whole crazy Crosby-Johnson clan.

Milligan is a beautiful place. Even at night. 

After a few days up at Milligan, we came back to Eagar and headed to the 4th of July parade. 

And what is the fourth of July without fireworks. The kids all got involved in the backyard before we headed out to see the big fireworks. 

Casino Party

During the summer, Sidley Austin (Natali's Law Firm) throws all kinds of events. So besides going to Billy Bobs, we also were able to go to the Black and White Casino Night. 

Ever since we have been married Natali has been wanting to get a piano. When we bought the house, we always planned to put a baby grand piano in the front room. So we found this beautiful baby grand online and got it inside the house. An added bonus is that this piano has a PianoDisc IQ Player, meaning that it can play music through an Ipad or computer. It is pretty awesome!

And Randi came out again to visit. We are starting to run out of things to do with her, but we can usually find something. Here we are at the downtown Dallas cattle drive.