Thursday, May 17, 2018

January through May 2017

Well I am going to apologize in advance but this post is going to have a lot of pictures, and also a lot of pictures of Royal. So, we're just going to tear the band-aid off and start with a few pictures of this cute little guy. 

Warm weather means that we can go out and have a picnic. Royal sure loves him some Kentucky Fried Chicken.  

At the end of February, we met Dan, Launa, Jaimee and Jayden in California to have a little vacation. First stop was a little breakfast place that had delicious food. Of course I went sweet while Natali went salty. 

Aren't these ladies beautiful?

The reason we all went to California was for some nice weather and for Disneyland. Well we got one of the two... Disneyland. The weather was not as cooperative on the first day as it decided to rain on us all day. Even with the rain, we still had a great time seeing the sights and riding the rides. 

The second day the weather was definitely better with blue skies. Another fun day of turkey legs, pictures, more rides, and lots of memories. 

A quick stop by the beach is always nice. 

March means it is Natali's birthday month. She spent most of the night having to work, well as much as she could when Royal wasn't distracting her. 

It wasn't much of a cake... but she got some candles to blow out. 

Natali works really hard. If she isn't staying late at the office, she comes home, eats dinner, and then has to do more work. Weekends she doesn't usually get much of a break either, and sometimes the work catches up with her. 

Ok, here is the Royal overload I warned you about. We went to a little art fair in Mckinney and it was windy out. Natali was snapping pictures with Royal's hair blowing all over the place. 

And Royal LOVES going to the dog park. He was having a grand time running around and chasing the other dogs. 

Another annual tradition is going to see the Bluebonnets. Natali was so excited to get some pictures of Royal with the Bluebonnets. Sometimes it seems like he is just posing for pictures. 

On April 19th, I turned 30!!! Holy cow I'm getting old. Natali totally spoiled me. First she set up a big get-together at Top Golf with a bunch of friends and had a delicious cake there. She also spoiled me with presents giving me some awesome Noise Canceling headphones as well as a drone to get some awesome video footage! 

After 18 months of serving the people in France, Tracie came home! So we headed to St George to see her again! We are sure going to miss reading all the great stories and experiences that Tracie shared every week, but glad she made it home. 

At the end of April I headed to Arizona for the annual Black River trip to do some fishing and camping and have a good time. I got to play around with my new drone and made a pretty sweet video. Also, I am trying to get into some more photo editing so I tried some different edits on the pictures. Some I think I went a little too far, but it is fun to play around with different edits and see how awesome everything is. 

And another annual tradition: the crawfish broil that a few friends put on. I'll have to get some better pictures next year but they have these huge pots with crawfish, potatoes, corn, and sausage and they cook them all together with some awesome seasonings and then dump them out on the table and everyone comes and devours it all. It is amazing.