Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We are Married!!!

Well, after all the planning, we are finally married! It's crazy how much stress went into that one day of our lives! But it went perfectly. My family was joking that I always get my way...Even the sky was my wedding colors :)! Haha. The reception was sensational, my mom is a dream decorator. My lovely sister Randi did my hair beautifully, she should seriously start a business just for beauty do's. And to top it all off, I ended the day in the arms of the best guy in the world! Reed and I are extremely happy but really wishing we had more time to enjoy our newlywed bliss. Between school and work, we barely see eachother :(. My only proof that I really am married is that their is boy stuff in my bathroom haha. Although I think Reed is purposefully leaving the shaving cream and razor out on the middle of the counter...he is pretty obvious. All he needs now is to leave a "please use" note attached and maybe I will take a hint :). Come on baby, I shaved on our wedding day, I'm not due for another week :-P haha jk jk. Anyways, Reed gave a beautiful family night lesson on love and the pure love of Christ....and I'm on strict orders not to tell anyone that he shed a couple tears. But it was so great to see how passionate Reed is when speaking about his Savior. I love Reed so much. The impression I had while listening to his family night lesson was that I finally truly understood what the phrase "a heart full of joy" means. We are so happy together. Yay for eternity!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thank-you Reed

I've just been feeling so appreciative of my wonderful fiance lately that I needed to write it down. I have been extremely sick the last couple days and absolutely miserable to be around I'm sure. But Reed has stayed by my side as much as he possibly could. Bringing me medicines, making me soup, buying me anything I thought I could eat, rubbing my back while I cried etc. The other night, neither of us slept a wink cause I was throwing up and Reed didn't want me to have to be alone so he stayed up running whatever errands he could for me. He finally collapsed in exhaustion right before he had to go to school. When I woke him up for school the first thing he said was "Do you want some breakfast baby?" Reed is quite the catch. Thanks sweetie for taking such good care of me. I love you.