Sunday, May 13, 2012


Reed and I love Disneyland. Well I LOVE capitals. Reed just lowercase loves Disneyland. But I think he also enjoys how excited I get about it. I sang Zippity Doo-Dah to Reed on the phone every day for about 2 weeks before we went :-). There is just something so magical about Disneyland. It was really a bummer that I was sick the whole time we were there but it was still great. Well the pictures will tell our story better than me (except the part of our story spent on Tower of Terror, one of our favorite rides, because we never took any pictures on it!) so here you go:


By the way, you can probably tell from these pictures that Toontown is just about my favorite place in Disneyland to take pictures.

Big Kid Rides

        I should apologize before I continue that most of our pictures are taken by Reed holding the camera out himself and taking the picture. But truthfully the pictures would have been just as close if someone else had taken them since they are mostly taken while in line or on a ride. BTW, I love the picture below that is evidence that Reed wore a poncho with me on the water ride.
Other Activities
We definitely couldn't miss out on getting a turkey leg and eating it like's officially a tradition now.

World of COLOR

The World of Color at California Adventure was absolutely breathtaking. It was this tremendous water show with tons of fountains in different colors and then some of the best Disney clips and songs projected onto a mist of water amongst the fountains. It's impossible to describe how incredible the experience is but I highly highly recommend it. Here is a video we took during the Aladdin section of the show. The video obviously does not at all do justice to the real show but it gives you a little bit of a taste.