Sunday, May 1, 2016

We are still really far behind on the blog and are going to try to catch up so here are a few highlights from the last few months of 2014!

Fall means that it is time for the Texas State Fair! We love going and trying all the fried foods and enjoying the fun atmosphere. 

Dan, Launa, Tracie, and Jayden came to visit. We had been wanting to go and see the pumpkin patch at the Dallas Arboretum so we took everyone to go see the 70,000+ pumpkins!

Fall also means anniversary time, and this year was our five year anniversary! Crazy how fast time flies. Even after 5 years I still can say that I am the luckiest guy alive. I married a beautiful, smart, funny, amazing woman and she has only gotten more beautiful, smarter, funnier, and more amazing every year.

I wanted to do something special so we started out with dinner at The French Room in Dallas. It was the most amazing meal I have ever tried, and the room was spectacular as well.

Anniversary #5 is the "Wooden Anniversary" so I rented out a wooden cabin and put all of the gifts in wooden boxes.

The next day I rented out a jet-ski and we went out on the lake and rode it around for the day. We drove to the shore and had a picnic. Luckily we had good weather!

Thanksgiving came and sadly Natali had to work. We had some great home teachers so I traded a pie for some Thanksgiving food.

Thanksgiving means Christmas is right around the corner. We loved sitting in our apartment and looking out at all the Christmas lights around the city.

And it wouldn't be Christmas in Dallas without seeing the huge Christmas tree at the Galleria mall.

And Christmas means work Christmas parties and a reason to get all dressed up. Dang my wife is hot.

The yearly kazoo tradition.

The christmas store in Grapevine. It goes all out, inside and outside.

We had heard about a huge ice sculpture display at the Gaylord Texan resort so we decided to check it out. Inside the hotel they go all out on the decorations.

And the main event inside is called "Ice!" Artists from China come and sculpt over 2 million pounds of ice into different shapes. every year they have a different theme.

This year the theme was...

Frosty! All based on the old cartoon "Frosty the Snowman."

They even had a slide you could go down!

It was chilly inside so they gave us big jackets and a fire to get warm by. The fire wasn't working very well, I think it was broken.

And at the end they always have the Nativity carved out of clear ice. It is a shame it is at the very end because by the time you get to it everyone is freezing and ready to get to warmer climates. But it is always great to take a moment, no matter how cold, and think about the real meaning of Christmas. Christ's life was not comfortable, it was not easy or normal. But He willingly passed through all of His trials so that we might have everything that He never had in this mortal life. And it all started in a lowly manger, many years ago.

And Christmas cannot be Christmas in the Wyson house without a gingerbread house competition. Well, I use gingerbread, house, and competition all very loosely in this case as this has become an over-the-top, all-day, crazy event that results in very creative ways to incorporate a gingerbread house into some bigger, more amazing scene.

For example, an Incan Temple by Dana and Jason. And yes, if you are wondering, that is a whole lot of Ramen noodles under all that frosting.

The Hunger Games by Jared and Sydney. Complete with blood rain, tsunamis, and crazy monkeys. And yes, those are broccoli trees.

Rainbow Road by Jaimee and Joey (and Jayden?). Looks like Luigi is winning

The Minions and the Photo Copier by Randi. Wait, where is the gingerbread house... oh who cares. Look at those guys! They are soooo funny!

Tranquil Winter at the Farm by Sam and Melissa. Now here is how gingerbread house-making is supposed to be done, complete with indoor lighting.

Alice in Wonderland in the House by Tracie and boy friend. Notice the space between boy and friend. Can't remember his name, but he was a trooper all day. And look at the amazing results.

And last but not least, Noah's Ark by Natali and Reed. The ostriches are ready with their floaties, the donkey is jumping into the pool on the Lido Deck, and the rainbow there to overlook it all.

And the REAL reason why there aren't any dinosaurs anymore. Their short little arms didn't allow them to climb on board. Poor Rex.

And last but not least, Christmas pictures!

One last bonus shot, back in Dallas, ready to hit the town!