Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Holidays


Thanksgiving is not really much of a holiday for me because it comes right before finals so I need to study the whole break. But we went to the Crosby's home in Eager for the break and Reed had a great time with his family while I studied up in my room. Mostly he just watched football but he also played some football and basketball and went shooting with his brothers. I did surface momentarily for Thanksgiving dinner though so we managed to capture one picture of that.

We also snapped a couple pictures of our niece London and nephew Kingston in their cute snow hats. Here is one of the best ones:
 Oh and here are these two waiting for Thanksgiving dinner:

Christmas was much more of a celebration for me than Thanksgiving because school was over! Yay! I still have almost a week of freedom before we start up again and I am sure enjoying it. Before leaving Provo Reed and I did a couple fun Christmas activities such as going to the Festival of Trees and the David Archuleta concert. We were actually at the concert when he announced his decision to serve a full-time mission, it was really neat. He is an incredible guy and a great role model, nobody deserves the success he has had more than him. We didn't take any pictures at the concert but here are a few from the festival of trees:

Then we went to my parents home in St. George to spend the rest of the holidays. We didn't really take pictures actually because I wanted to get my hair done before taking pictures (my highlights were like halfway down my head) but then nobody would do my hair until after Christmas so it took us a while. But we did finally get my hair done and convince my little sister Tracie to photograph us...We really like a lot of them....Here are some of our favorites:

It's also important to note here that Reed gave me this entire outfit for Christmas (including the jewelry) and I did not help him pick it out at all. Isn't he great at picking out clothes?! The goofy photo down on the left is Reed's favorite. He always likes the silly photos the best.

As far as Christmas presents you can see I got some nice clothes and jewelry from Reed (as well as others that are not in this picture). In keeping with tradition, Reed/Santa gave me some new supplies for my popcorn machine and Reed also gave me a cute jewelry holder, a new curling iron and some perfume. I gave Reed some cologne, a couple new church shirts and ties, some regular shirts and a football. My parents and younger siblings gave us some great kitchen supplies (we always love new things for the kitchen) and new clothes, Jaimee gave Reed a pocket knife that looks like a rifle when opened up and gave me some lovely scents from Victoria's Secret. Dana and Jason gave us gift cards to a really nice steak house. Reed's parents gave us some honey for food storage and some Christmas decorations. Our favorite present to give was to Randi and Shane. We joined with Dana and Jason and gave them a 16 x 24 canvas picture that I had taken and edited for them. I think they really liked it and we were super excited about how it turned out. Oh and we gave Smoochie a bird pinata :-).