Sunday, April 3, 2016

Work Travels to Germany

One of the more enjoyable aspects of my job is the occasional opportunity for interesting travel.  In 2014 I had the opportunity to travel to Frankfurt Germany a couple times to take witness interviews for some internal investigation work I was doing.  Of course the main purpose of the trip was work but I was able to stay an extra day to see some sites on my first trip and also was lucky enough to be there during the famous Christmas festivals so I was able to enjoy those a bit at night after the interviews were finished.  Here are a few photos from around Frankfurt during my first trip and then taking one of those red tourist buses around :-).  First up, here is the hotel I stayed in (The Steinberger Hotel):

The room was great and I loved the touchscreen bathtub!  You just set it to the temperature you want and turn the water on to fill it up.

Then up next are pictures from my walk around old town Frankfurt when I first arrived:

Dinner with my team after the interviews (this was our dinner on the second night...we had given up on German food by that time and went for Italian--we were NOT fans of German food):

 My co-worker Melissa and I hung around for an extra day and took a tour bus ride around Frankfurt and then took a train to this CHARMING little town called Heidelberg outside of Frankfurt.

 Love that the windows open in this skyscraper! That would be awesome in my building.

 And now on to Heidelberg.  I highly recommend visiting this gorgeous town and its beautiful castle if you are in the area.

 Europe AND an adorable Christmas store...The only thing that would make this better would be Reed :-).
 And I had to include a photo of this super quaint little bookstore.  It just feels so European.
And these next couple photos are from my second trip when the Christmas festival was going on :-)

Well it's definitely not as fun without Reed but certainly better than sitting in my office in Dallas all day and I certainly enjoyed flying first class (my firm bought business but I seem to have pretty incredible travel luck and got upgraded both times! Though business still would be awesome to Europe...).  Hopefully looking forward to more exciting work trips in my future.  Maybe one of these times Reed can meet up with me ;-).