Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I Love

Well I copied this post idea from my friends Leanna and Annika but it was just too great of an idea. Here are a couple random things that I love (not a comprehensive list of course)...

Of course, I love Reed. He is, by far, the best thing about my life. He is supportive, funny, positive, easy-going and kind...everything I need. And I can't get over how hott he is (and while I'm on the topic, I LOVE his jawline)
I love Sunsets. Even the worst day in the world melts away when I get a glimpse of one of these.
I. Love. Monk. If you have never seen Monk, it is hilarious. He is a crazy, quirky, OCD detective and he's awesome. Me, Reed and my brother Jared like to watch an episode every other night or so when I'm too tired to do anymore homework. And Monk is never wrong about anything. So I guess we have something in common ;-) haha. jk.
My new Kindle! It is so great! I read like 10 books on it over Christmas break! Now when Reed and I travel we don't have to bring a whole suit case just for my books :-).
BYU Law School. I know it's nerdy...but I love it (sometimes I hate it too...but it always invokes strong emotions haha). I love the challenge, the learning, the homework...And I love that all my hard work paid off with awesome grades for last semester. Seriously, definitely one of the best moments of my life was seeing last semester's grades.
Reed's guacamole. My husband is the guacamole king. Sometimes I wake up at 2 am craving this :-)
The Ranger's Apprentice book series. My mom introduced me to them. I LOVE them. Just enough fantasy to make for an interesting read but not too outlandish. I have read like four of them but have slowed down now that the semester is heavy underway
All things Apple. I have loved my Macbook from the day I set eyes on it. We are inseparable...unfortunately I am also inseperable from every document I've ever written and picture I've ever taken so I'm overloading my good friend. I think it's time for an upgrade:
I love Musicals. I love listening to them, watching them, or singing the songs from them. Especially Phantom. I have seen the Phantom in New York and London and hope to see it many more times (hopefully sometime with my husband). I love music in general but musicals are just amazing.
And lastly, I know Leanna posted this already but I had to as well, I love the MGs. I would say they are my best friends but I think sisters is almost closer to the truth. I seriously feel so privileged to have them in my life. They all are so unique, brilliant and talented...I have learned something from each one of them and each one is my hero in a different way. Really I would do anything for these girls.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Anticipation seems to be one word that describes a lot of my life. Right now I'm living in anticipation of the day I will get my grades back from last semester and I'm so worried about it I can't even sleep! Which is ridiculous because there is absolutely nothing I can do about it at this point. I tell Reed that as soon as I get grades back, I will be much happier because I will be able to stop living in worry and anticipation.

But...well I guess I told him that last semester when I was living in anticipation of finals. And hmmm...again before that when I was worrying about whether or not I would get into law school. And before that, while worrying whether or not I would get an internship in France...and before that when worrying about taking the LSAT, and before that when worrying about wedding planning etc...

So I think that's my one goal for the new year is to try to live my life in the moment rather than anticipating the day I will start enjoying my life. I have a tendency to say..."Well I just have to get through _______ and THEN my life will really start." But the fact is, there will always be something I can worry about, anticipate and spend all my time on. It would be such a waste if I realized at the end of my life that I missed all of my todays waiting for tomorrows.

I've actually never been one for New Year goals because I don't like doing something just because everyone else does it haha. So maybe that's why I have waited until January 17th to set a goal. Nobody sets goals on January 17th right? :-).

Anyways, everyone knows the only reason people read blogposts is for the pictures so I guess I will post a nice picture we took over Christmas so my blog isn't pointless :-).